Ichigoichie Consulting Inc.

We have a scholarship grant for qualified candidates under Technical Internship Training Program (TITP). The candidates are trained on Japanese language and Japanese writing skills directly through our innovative system and methods of making the Japanese language easier to study and learn. The program also give them familiarization with Japanese the culture, work values and ethics.
The program aims to ensure that candidates after the training, will demonstrate the required Japanese communication skills.
We provide consulting services to clients (Employers and candidates) relating to the Technical Internship Training Program (TITP) in Japan.
We have a counterpart-team in Japan to work with other partners, in monitoring the candidates once in the job site, assist them and our client-Employers, to ensure that efficient services are delivered by all concerned parties.

Requirements for the training program for TITP under the Ichigoichie's scholarship grant


  • The scholars must provide all necessary documents in relation to their scholarship.
  • The scholars are expected to complete language training program for a period of 5 to 6 months to be provided to them under the scholarship grant
  • The Training program under the scholarship grant, includes the following :
    1.Intensive language education
    2.Bridging program
    3.Practical and laboratory skills in performing their specific job
  • The scholars are expected to exert all efforts to pass the required proficiency examination after the training period

Training Structure

  • The learning progress in Japanese lessons depends on the individual capacity of the trainees. Each trainee is expected to put on extra effort to learn in order to pass the training, in accordance with specified standards of competency.
  • Training is conducted based on an application module or curriculum. Materials will be made available to the trainees.
  • Considering difficulties of learning kanji “writing” I, applications on / AI mounted smartphone will be provided to aide the trainee and ensure that required competencies are met.

Training Evaluation

  • There will be be monitoring and assessment on how the trainees are learning.
  • In-house, comprehesive examinations will be conducted to test how learned the trainees have become.
  • Trainees' progress will be further evauluated through oral recitations and verbal interactions with Trainers and fellow trainees.



A licensed agency that is solely authorized to do recruitment of candidates, and responsible with all necessary and government-approved pre-deployment and deployment procedures for selected candidates